Frontier Aluminum's extrusion department consists of three Ube extrusion presses for 7, 8 and 9 inch billet. The tonnages of Frontier's presses are in no way undersize for the billet diameter they push. This ensures maximum performance with less wear and tear with every extrusion cycle. With millions of extrusion cycles per year, having adequate tonnage to extrude your shapes ensures long lasting performance of our presses and less down time.

Also, Frontier has the unique position of having the newest presses on the west coast. Extrusion presses typically last no longer than 35 years without major upgrades. Frontier's presses average year of service on all three presses is 11 years.

But we did not stop with the extrusion press when contemplating growth. With the latest in handling technology, we have one of the most modern facilities in the US. Both our 9" and 8" presses have automatic handling equipment that reduces extrusion defects ensuring that we complete your order on the first try at the press. As you can see from the photos, we are not afraid of showing you our modern equipment. In fact, one tour is all you will need to be convinced Frontier should become your extruder of choice on the West Coast.

And one cannot mention extrusions without talking about our die department. We have one of the most modern and best die departments in the US. Die reliability is the key to completing your orders on time and in tolerance.