Fabrication - Under our maquiladora permit, Frontier can produce your assemblies and subassemblies at a very low cost. Cutting and punching equipment are in house, and combining with the specialized equipment you currently own, labor costs can be cut dramatically. The Maquiladora process allows Frontier to "temporarily" borrow your specialized equipment "indefinitely" to produce your product. We have in house experience spanning 15 years running a maquiladora in Mexico. And being located in Tecate is very convenient. Tecate is only 12 miles east of San Diego and has one of the least crowded border crossings.

Thermal Improvement -
Thermal improvement for windows, once a rarity, will be required on a more frequent basis as energy laws are enacted. Reducing the energy required to heat and cool living spaces and office buildings is GREEN. One of the major costs in this process is labor. And by locating our Thermal Improvement lines in Mexico, we can and will have cost containment on labor. Both the Azon and Insulbar systems are available.