The Aluminum Extruder is an industry that must always look towards the future. What worked 5 years ago, may not work 5 years in the future. Frontier has evolved from its roots with a 7" extrusion press and a paint line to an extruder with two additional extrusion presses and anodizing. And the evolution still continues to this very day.

Over the past four years, we have searched the world for a powder coat line that would satisfy all of our customer's needs. Why powder? Powder coating is GREEN. It is solvent free and requires no after burner to deal with the VOC pollution. And with the state of California's greenhouse gas policies, it is only a matter of time before stationary sources of greenhouse gas emissions will either be heavily taxed or eliminated. Rather than wait, we decided to act.

We have selected a state of the art powder line that will produce the same quality finish as liquid paint. Our powder will have no orange peel and will be consistently under 2 mils thick. We can match any color we currently supply in liquid, and with powder, there are many other finishes we can produce that are out of the range of liquid paint.

Our line is vertical rather than horizontal. We can do up to 24' 1" parts; perfect for architectural coatings. We will be able to offer a 20 year warranty. And we will be able to offer a seaside warranty, as they do in Europe, by anodizing parts before powder coating your extrusions.